Bamboo Storage Bowls - Set of 2

Bamboo Storage Bowls - Set of 2

This gorgeous暲_暲_bowl暲_暲_set come storage box is made from Bamboo making it lightweight.暲_暲_ This bowl set is environmentally friendly and durable, much lighter than ceramic for transporting and much more sustainable than plastic. It is ideal for children as it is durable, safe and lightweight. Pair it with our Bamboo children's cutlery set for for the ultimate in sustainable style.暲_暲_

暲_暲_11 x H5 / 暲_暲_13 x H6 cm, Set of 2

Materials: Bamboo, Corn, Melamine, Wood, Poly Resin, PE
Content: 300ml/500ml
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Ovenproof: No
Microwave proof: No
Food approved: Yes